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About us

we concentrate on the research and manufacture of chemical vertical pumps and their supporting equipment for the chemical electroplating industry. For more than 20 years, the self-developed chemical vertical pump, defoaming pump, filter barrel, filter machine and automatic electronic hardware high-speed spot plating mold have been in a leading position in the industry for a long time. We always adhere to the tenet of "high quality control, excellent service, cost performance", and have won the trust and support of customers at home and abroad. Fobolon  has been stormy for 20 years, and the pump core remains unchanged; In the next 20 years, Fobolon will provide more intelligent products and services for the market and customers by adhering to the original intention of chemical pump and purification equipment manufacturing.
Thank you to old customers who have been with us all the way because of trust, and new friends who have met by chance.
Fobolon - made in Shenzhen, Chinese brand, serving the world!


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