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Founded in 2001 by Mr. Tsang Yixi, a Hong Kong-based expert in chemical electroplating equipment, Covlong is a well-established manufacturer focusing on R&D, production and sales in the field of water recycling water treatment in the chemical electroplating industry. The company and factory are located in Yulu Industrial Zone, Guangming District, Shenzhen (formerly Gongming Street, Bao'an District), with 22 years of experience in product development and manufacturing, and can provide customers with standard and customized product development and production. The company has international advanced production equipment and testing instruments to ensure the precision and durability of the products, and the company's product quality meets or even exceeds the industry standards. Able to respond quickly to customer needs, provide professional and perfect chemical water circulation and filtration products. We attach importance to every supplier and customer, adhere to integrity management, regard quality as life, and are eager for change and progress. With great enthusiasm, we will do our best to provide customers with the best products and services.
Fobolon was founded earlier, is a pioneer and leader in the industry, classic products enduring, chemical vertical pump has become the industry imitation object;
Fobolon serves a wide range of customers, covering industry leaders and high-quality customers in many fields such as chemical industry, electroplating, environmental protection, etc.;
Fobolon has three well-known independent trademarks in the industry, "科寶龍", "FBL" and "fobolon", which have been recognized and respected by the market and customers;
Fobolon's after-sales service is perfect, providing customers with warranty and maintenance services that exceed industry standards;
Fobolon has always maintained a low-key, pragmatic, and dedicated attitude of doing a good job in products, not too much publicity, and not pursuing hypocritical reputations;
Fobolon operates in good faith, has a high-quality supplier system, and never owes suppliers a penny, because we know that the best quality suppliers and raw material supply are the premise of the best quality products.
Our reputation proves that we are a trustworthy, trustworthy and respectable enterprise, and our customers are willing to pass on the products and services of "Fobolon" to more customers, customers' customers.

Product & Service

Main products:

Fobolon D Series Vertical Pump (In-Tank Pump, Out-of-Tank Pump)

Fobolon K series vertical pump (in-tank pump, out-of-tank pump)

Fobolon FX series defoaming pumps
Fobolon FBL series magnetic pumps
Fobolon FA series tank filter
Fobolon FC series out-of-tank filter barrels
Fobolon FB series out-of-tank filter
Fobolon restructured series of products

Product features:

The pump body and parts are made of the industry's top PPH, CPVC, PVDF and other raw materials injection molding, no leakage, no cracking, and super anti-acid and alkali function, suitable for various acid and alkaline media and most of the customer's use scenarios;

The design of the filter barrel and pump is beautiful and generous, with ingenuity, convenient disassembly and assembly of parts, and easy replacement of accessories, which greatly increases the overall service life of the product;

The filter barrel and water pump parts are all processed by lathes, which are beautiful and generous, avoiding the roughness and thinness of integrated molding, and the structure is stable, thick and beautiful;
The motor adopts the exclusive standard motor of Kebao Longding, and the workmanship materials far exceed the general standards of the industry, and the energy saving, durability and anti-corrosion are well known.

Application industries and scenarios

Fobolon's products are widely used in chemical, electronics, semiconductor chips, communications, new energy, intelligent manufacturing, aerospace and other industries; It plays a significant role in continuous plating, PCB circuit boards, connectors, coating, surface treatment and wastewater treatment. It is suitable for the transportation of pure water, sewage, sea salt water and chemical media with acidic, alkaline, corrosive and other chemical media.
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